Lecture Notes

1 Overview

Jeffrey Blander (PDF)

Utkan Demirci (PDF)

2 Expanding global access to life saving vaccines: HPV vaccine case study Jacqueline Sherris (PDF) (PDF)
3 New systems for drug delivery Robert Langer (PDF) (PDF)
4 Microfluidics and global health practice

David Steinmiller (PDF)

Elizabeth Bailey (PDF)

Michael Lytton (PDF)

5 Alternative energy sources David Berry (PDF)  
6 R&D for resource poor settings George Whitesides (PDF)
7 Field trip to BAMM Labs (Bio-Acoustic MEMS in Medicine) Utkan Demerci (PDF)
8 Medical device development Trevor Gunn (PDF)
9 Electronic medical records and research systems

Ben Bauman (PDF)

Vikram Kumar (PDF)

10 BioPharmaceuticals

Joanna Lowell, BVGH

Gail Cassell (PDF)

11 Vaccines development Kalpana Gupta, IAVI (PDF)
12 Technology innovation Kris Olsen (PDF) (PDF)
13 Venture philanthropy Brian Trelstad, Omer Imtiazuddin (PDF)
14 Final overview and lessons learned    
15 Final projects and presentations    

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Spring 2008