A brief description of the 2.004 lab facilities and rules is provided for reference (PDF)

The first seven labs deal with a physical plant consisting of a rotational flywheel and motor, detailed in this handout (PDF) (Courtesy Prof. Emanuel Sachs. Used with permission.)

The motor specification sheet may be found here (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

Lab 1: Coulomb and Viscous Friction (PDF)

Lab 2: Characterization of Lab System Components (PDF)

Lab 3: Construction of a Proportional Velocity Controller (PDF)

Lab 4: Closed-loop Performance of a Proportional Velocity Controller (PDF)

Lab 5: Elimination of Steady-state Error Using Integral Control Action (PDF)

Lab 6: Closed-loop Position Control, and the Effect of Derivative Control Action (PDF)

Lab 7: Closed-Loop Position Control using Position and Velocity Feedback (PDF)

The final set of lab projects involves the design of an active damping system for a skyscraper, including a set of MATLAB files for simulating the tower and its vibrations.

Project Introduction (PDF)

Lab: Active Damping of Tall Building Vibrations (PDF)

Tower Data (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 13 .m files.)