[Kochan] = Kochan, Thomas A. Shaping the Future of Work: What Future Worker, Business, Government, and Education Leaders Need To Do For All To Prosper. Business Expert Press, 2015. ISBN: 9781631574016. [Selected chapters of this book are provided below.]

1 Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities as You Enter the Workforce

[Kochan] Chapter 1: The Next Generation's American Dream: What Can Be Done to Achieve It? (PDF), pp. 1–24.

Around the World Reading: “Key Indicators of the Labor Market (KILM).” International Labour Organization, 2015.

2 The Old Social Contract: What Made It Work and Why did It Break Down?

We Have Been Here Before—The New Deal and Where the Ideas for it Came From: 'The New Deal.' (PDF)

[Kochan] Chapter 2: The Post War Social Contract (PDF), pp. 25–45.

3 Out of Crisis: Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond

4 New Emerging Models: New Firms, New Jobs, New Technology, and the Future of Work 

'High Road' and 'Low Road' Strategies and the Birth of High Performance Work Systems. (PDF)

Alternative Models of Governance: 'New Charters / Governance Models.' (PDF)

Global Firms: Can We Hold Them Accountable? (PDF)

[Kochan] Chapter 5: A New Age of Innovation? (PDF), pp. 93-100.

5 Emerging Models of Worker Voice and Advocacy

[Kochan] Chapter 5: A New Age of Innovation? (PDF), pp. 100-106.

6 The Social Contract Negotiation Exercise No readings
7 Student Reports on Their Plans for Action No readings

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