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Begin: Kendall Square T Stop
As you walk down Main Street (towards the river) from the station, pay attention to the motion of pedestrians around you. Is their path defined by ground surface, light, traffic pattern? Are people hugging up against the buildings, or moving closer to the street edge? Are people meandering, or moving in a more directed way?
Choose one pedestrian, and record their movement down a section of Main Street. This can be in sketch, photo, or text.


"In the morning (10:10 am) although the sun is hitting the left sidewalk, most people walk on the right where there are bookshops, restaurants, a barbershop and a flower shop."

"The pedestrian's path is defined by ground surface. They are mostly in the middle of the sidewalk, some hugging closer to the buildings. It's rush hour- most are moving in a directed way."

"People are crossing the street in many places, not just @ the crosswalk/ traffic lights- in fact the traffic lights son't seem to hold much bearing for the peds. People are walking @ various speeds, but none are just meandering- all seems to have a purpose. Person- walking on a median talking on cell phone, crosses diagonally to the side of the st. withe the coop, continues to talk on the phone until he enters the hotel."

"I think people stay away from the roadway and are drawn towards the storefronts. People seem to be moving flose to the bldgs.- I followed a man about 55 years old while I was walking in the center. He stayed very close to the bldg. edge then he went into the entrance for 290 Main street."

"Their path is defined by: errands, cutting across the street, in and out of stores, bank, ; by meetings, waiting, greeting. Strange- fewer people on sunny side of street; only one person wanders, stops, turns, moves on. Everyone I try to folow soon escapes me (into a building)."



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