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Globe Park

Sit on three benches of your choosing in the park (including those at the periphery) for at least three minutes each. At each location, allow your body to adapt to the context. Particularly, let yourself move into a posture which feels right for that site position. These will be small adjustments, not large gestures. Do you hunch because of a cold wind, or shift to avoid glare? Record your positions, and describe (through text or sketch) your end postures at each position.
Consider both your overall reaction to the park as well as the differences in your three postures.

"1.In the flat bench w/no back, I hunch over- it is uncomfortable. 2. The benches over here are more ergonomic- I can sit back, cross my legs, relax. 3. These benches have backs but in straighter lines. They are more comfortable than 1, but less than 2. I sit resting against the back, feet flat on the ground."

1. Hunched a bit. Sit back a bit to relax. It's windy, so with each gust, I turn a bit to my left so that its at my back. I feel a bit vulnerable with my back to the flow of pedestrians. 2. Here there is a back to the bench, so I relax a bit more, lean back. Light is coming through the trees so I shift to catch it on the page. it's still a bit windy and cold, so I 'm still a bit tense. #.Now facing river, farther away from it. More comfortable, less wind. View through trees to Boston, much more relaxed.

"1. A tall building is casting a shadow on the plaza and I am feeling cold. I am hunched over to keep warm. Sitting here is a little disturbing when I hear vehicles approaching from down main street towards the river. 2. This side is much quieter, and more comfortable since it is wrapped by trees all around and I can see the traffic coming from main street. At the moment it is still too cold for me too relax my body. 3. A little sun is peering from behind the tall building at this point and it is actually getting more pleasant.. Since there is no backto this bench I can put my left foot on top of the bench to support my posture."

1- scoop of bench fit my back but due to wind I hunkered down a bit- view up main street encouraged me to sit up and look out of the park 2- bench with no back- expose to th wind- I hunched over to try to stay warm- my thoughts wandered as I looked into boring bushes & more benches 3- bench has a back but it's not well-shaped to me- too vertical with no curve- at the edge of the park I found myself looking around at the people in the park and passing through it.

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