1 Intro to 21G.225 / 6  
2 Introduction to professional writing Exercise 1 due
3 Strategy, process & style (1)  

Strategy, process & style (2)

  • Sentence bounds
  • Coherence
  • Punctuation

Exercise 2 due

Writing for the public

Quiz 1: Coherence

Exercise 3 due

Peer workshop (1)

Guidelines for productive peer review

Formal Paper 1: Writing for a General Audience Due
7 E-mail, memos & letters Formal Paper 1 best draft due
8 Verb form review (1)

9 Verb form review (2) Formal Paper 1 final draft due
10 Job letters Exercise 4 due

Peer workshop (2)

Quiz 2: Verbs

Formal Paper 2: Writing Correspondence due
12 Writing up research (1): Composition of documents Formal Paper 2 best draft due
13 Writing up research (2): Source use of sources Memo 1: Progress Report due

Consider your progress in 21G.225 / 6 so far this semester. Summarize what have you learned from the topics covered, readings, assignments and feedback. Are any aspects of the work we have done so far unclear or confusing to you? What are your questions, and how can I help you answer them?

Formal Paper 2 final draft due

14 Indefinite / definite article review  
15 Writing up research (3): Introductory sections Exercise 5 due
16 Writing up research (4): Proposals, part I  
17 Peer workshop (3) Formal Paper 3: Introducing Material due

Writing up research (4): Proposals, part II

Quiz 3: Article use

19 Writing up research (5): Results, discussions, & conclusions Formal Paper 3 best draft due
20 Relative clause review

Memo 2: Data commentary due

Write a memo (1–2 pages) that

  1. Presents your data in an appropriate, reader-friendly form.
  2. Provides an analysis of the data in a commentary.

Incorporate some of Caplan’s language of “Hedging, Boosting and Positioning” into Memo 2.


Writing up research (6): Publishing & professionalism

Quiz 4: Relative clauses

After reading the articles for this session (see the Readings and Homework Preparation section), record any questions that arise about professional goals and barriers to those goals. These questions will frame our class discussion.
22 Conference papers & poster sessions Formal Paper 3 final draft due
23 and 24 Individual consultations Bring as much as possible of your final paper in progress.
25 Two-minute research presentations Prepare 2-minute research presentation to deliver to class.
26 Course overview Final paper due

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