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Job Application Letter Checklist

Before you deliver your job application letter, be sure you can make the following claims:

  1. I have read the job ad carefully and determined the specific goals and skills to highlight in my application letter.
  2. I have studied the company, so I know its background and needs.
  3. My letter follows a standard letter format and is correct in every detail of style, spelling and punctuation.
  4. I address my letter to a specific person and use the appropriate title.
  5. My opening paragraph identifies my source of information about the job, tells what job I am seeking and is tailored to the company.
  6. The middle paragraphs highlight my education and professional skills that fit the job. Each paragraph has a suitable topic sentence. The paragraphs build bridges between what I have learned and done, and what I can learn and do in the new context. I frame the contents of my letter according to PAR conventions.
  7. The closing paragraph motivates the reader to grant me an interview and makes it easy for the reader to contact me.
  8. The nouns and adjectives I use show awareness of the Goldilocks Strategy: Not too humble; not arrogant; just right.
  9. I use strong verbs to describe my experience, skills and activities.
  10. I have avoided “I poisoning” by starting at least two paragraphs with a word other than “I.”

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