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Technical Memo Checklist

Before you hand in your best draft of your technical memo, be sure you can make the following claims:

  1. My format conforms to memo conventions and helps the reader navigate the text and predict the text that follows:
    • The memo is single spaced
    • The memo is composed of unified and coherent paragraphs
    • Section headings are used where appropriate
  2. My main message (conclusion) is in the first paragraph, within the first few sentences, of the memo. The reader can easily find the key contents.

State your memo’s main message here in sentence form:  

  1. No sections are redundant or unnecessary for the reader.
  2. I have eliminated any excessive or irrelevant details.
  3. Where appropriate, I have presented data in a table, graph or appendix.
  4. The style and tone of the memo is appropriate to the audience and to the context.
  5. If necessary, I have included an “Action Step” at the end of the memo to clarify to the reader what I expect from him / her or what step I will take next.

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