24.S95 | Spring 2023 | Graduate

Linguistics in K–12 Education

Design and Teaching Experience II: A Linguistics Lesson in a Partner Teacher’s Class

Early in the semester, we will meet virtually with middle school and high school teachers from around the country who teach linguistics. We will hear from them about how we can work with their students, from giving a presentation to teaching a lesson or presenting an activity.

You will pair up with a teacher and meet to discuss a linguistic focus and the format of your presentation, lesson, or activity (hereafter referred to as the “lesson”). Then you will develop a 30-minute lesson within the UbD framework and teach it virtually in April (though teaching in March may be possible). You will meet with your partner teacher before and after you teach to get feedback on the lesson. The two of you may also arrange additional meetings and class visits by mutual agreement.

You will prepare a brief proposal in the form of a UbD template about what you plan to do in your partner teacher’s class. Please upload your proposal to the class website by 10 pm the night before our fifth class session. Proposals will be discussed in class that week. After you teach the lesson, you will write an essay (500–700 words) in which you reflect on your experience designing the lesson and working with your partner teacher and your partner teacher’s students. Please upload your reflection essay to the class website by 10 pm on the night before the thirteenth class session. Reflections will be discussed in class that week.

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