24.S95 | Spring 2023 | Graduate

Linguistics in K–12 Education

The Format of the Teaching Experience

Below, Prof. Maya Honda discusses the logistics of the partnership between the students in her seminar and the middle school and high school teachers they were individually working with to develop and deliver a linguistics lesson to the teachers’ students.

The seminar involved online collaboration with and between students and teachers. I know the five partner teachers from an online network of teachers who teach linguistics in public and private schools; all five partner teachers teach outside of Massachusetts—in Maryland, Michigan, Montana, and New York. Because of this, all of my interactions with them took place online and almost all of the interactions between the seminar students and the teachers and their students did too. Of the four seminar students who were able to teach their lessons, two taught their lessons online. Two chose to take the train to New York City to teach their lessons in-person.

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