24.S95 | Spring 2023 | Graduate

Linguistics in K–12 Education

Final Project and Paper: A Linguistics Unit

For your final project, you will develop a linguistics unit, using the UbD framework, and write a paper about the unit. In designing your unit, you can build on the work that we do in class, or you can create your own unit from the ground up, or you can contextualize the lesson that you designed for your partner teacher’s class by designing a unit for which the lesson would be just one of several learning activities.

In the paper about your unit, you will discuss the unit’s desired results, evidence of understanding, learning plan, and learning events in the context of a hypothetical introductory high school linguistics course. You will also reflect on your experience developing the unit (and your experience teaching some aspect of the unit, if you had the opportunity to do so). Further details will be discussed in class.

You will meet with me by the seventh class session to discuss your initial ideas for your unit. Ideas and unit designs will be discussed in class in the weeks following Spring Break. Your final project paper is due by 5 pm on the Wednesday one week after our last class meeting.

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