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Principles of Chemical Science

Unit III: Thermodynamics & Chemical Equilibrium

Lecture 19: Chemical Equilibrium: Le Châtelier’s Principle

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  1. Chemical Equilibrium
    1. External Effects on K (Le Châtlier’s Principle) (continued)
    2. Temperature Dependence of K
    3. Applications of Le Châtlier’s Principle
  2. Significant Figure Rules for Logs

Lecture Video

A system in equilibrium that is subjected to a stress tends to respond in a way that minimizes that stress. In this lecture, viewers will learn about chemical reactions but will also learn some important life lessons.

Lecture Notes

Notes for Lecture 19 (PDF)

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Lecture 19 Clicker Questions (PDF)

Textbook Reading

The Response of Equilibria to Changes in Conditions Sections 10.9–10.13 Sections 9.4–9.5

Problems and Solutions

Problems for Lecture 19 (PDF)

Solutions for Lecture 19 (PDF)


Chemists Know” courtesy of Rachel Martin, Eric Potoma, and Gianmarc Grazioli of the UC Irvine Department of Chemistry. Used with permission.

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