9.401 | Fall 2022 | Graduate

Tools for Robust Science

Week 10: Response Paper

The Challenge: Managing the use of scientific products. What are the challenges involved in managing who can re-use the products of scientific research, and when, and for what? Do you have any personal experience or stories you have heard, about conflicts arising from different expectations or desires, with regards to (re)use of data or code or tasks? Particularly after a trainee has left an original lab? Could better lab guides and/or explicit agreements help solve this problem?

The Tool: Collaboration agreements and licenses. (1) What did you learn about MIT’s policies and procedures? (2) What information did you find for your current lab? (3) Share the text you wrote for a lab guide or departing the lab agreement. 

Critical evaluation of the tool. To what degree can these tools address the challenge?

This response paper should be about 1-page long, single-spaced. Total points: 3.

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