9.401 | Fall 2022 | Graduate

Tools for Robust Science

Week 6: Response Paper

The Challenge: Time and effort are wasted by arbitrary gatekeeping. Peer review is slow, prone to error, potentially biased, and there’s no incentive for anyone to do it well—but doing without peer review is also problematic! Describe specific examples of when and why peer review and/or rapid dissemination of results are important for your science, something you learned from the readings you didn’t already know, and/or a personal experience you’ve had that really brought home the challenge of peer review and/or rapid dissemination of results.

The Tool: Preprints and post-publication review. Describe what you did in fulfilling the practical activity. 

Critical evaluation of the tool. How will preprints and post-publication review help address the flaws in the current peer review system? What are the biggest obstacles? 

This response paper should be about 1-page long, single-spaced. Total points: 3.

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