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Tools for Robust Science

Week 10 Tool: Collaboration Agreements and Licenses

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Practical activity assignment

  1. Read the MIT VPR’s guidelines on Authorship, Data Ownership, and Training and the policies on Copyright for PhD theses (you may have to scroll down to find it). VPR is responsible for handling any formal disputes about these issues. Is there any information here you didn’t know? That you think more people should know? What do you think of these policies?
  2. Check your lab’s documentation (lab manual, mentorship agreements). Is there an explicit discussion of how data, tools, scripts etc. can be used? Does it specifically address what should happen after researchers are no longer affiliated with the lab? You can compare to the “useful resources” we have linked below, for reference. Share what you find. 
  3. Draft text for (i) your own future lab’s guide or manual, (ii) your current lab’s manual or guide, or (iii)  your own ‘departing the lab’ agreement with your current PI. Try to specify which kinds of scientific products are created in the collaboration, who has the rights to re-use them (first author? all authors? creator? PI?), who has to give approval for that use (first author? all authors? PI?), and whether there are any time limits on those obligations. Will you share materials you create with specific licenses? Which license will you use and why?
Collaborations: defining roles and rights

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