Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session


  • Static and dynamic analysis of aircraft motion
    • Learn how to identify the basic mode of the vehicle dynamics

  • Sensors/actuators/dynamics/control simulation
    • Analyze the entire control system

  • Classical and state space control approaches
    • Multi-loop design techniques

  • Example driven
    • Hands-on project
2 Static Analysis
6 Dynamic Analysis
2 Key Stability Derivatives
2 Modeling and System ID
2 Introduction to State Space Control Techniques
3 Longitudinal Autopilot
3 Lateral Autopilot


Homework 40%
Midterm 30%
Final Project 30%


Problem sets out every other Tuesday (due 2 weeks later at 5 pm).


In class (1 sheet).

Final Project

Equivalent to 2-3 homeworks. Short in-class presentation at the end. Possible topics:

  • System ID UAV-TT or UAV-MC from flight data and compare with expectations
  • Evaluate the stability derivatives of the UAV-MC (or your favorite airplane)
  • Design a longitudinal/lateral/path following autopilot for the UAV-MC and demonstrate
    its performance in AEROSIMTM
  • Your suggestion


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