CMS.611J | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Creating Video Games

Student Game Projects

Final Project: Heat Wave

The Game

A screenshot of the game Heat Wave.

When disasters strike, Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers are often among the first to provide relief to the victims. But in most cases, acting before a disaster to mitigate its effects can save more lives. For heat waves, linking early warning with early action involves taking precautions like having older citizens drink more water.

Heat Wave, the game, provides the player with a scenario that mimics a heat wave forecast, and pairs it with actions your character can take to mitigate its effects.

— Miriam Proznitz, Team Heat Wave

Play the Game

Play Heat Wave online. 

Technical note: You may be prompted to download the Unity Web Player, and this does not work with all browsers. For PC: we recommend Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera. For Mac: we recommend Safari.

Student Insights

In this video, Miriam Proznitz describes various aspects of her experience as part of Team Heat Wave.

Final Presentation

The Heat Wave team’s final presentation can be seen in the following video.

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