CMS.611J | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Creating Video Games

Student Game Projects

Final Project: Saving Gora Gora

The Game

The title screen of the game Saving Gora Gora.

Saving Gora Gora is a game that tries to inform players about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of Cholera. The game accomplishes this goal by building its gameplay around a children’s story, in which you, the player, must discover what is making the town of Gora Gora sick, and prove the innocence of another character.

— Lenny Martinez, Team Saving Gora Gora

Student Insights

In this video, Lenny Martinez describes various aspects of his experience as part of Team Saving Gora Gora.

Final Presentation

The Saving Gora Gora team’s final presentation can be seen in the following video.

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