Final Project: Snap!

The Game

A screenshot of the game Snap!

Snap! is a game that focuses on word association, and aims to be a useful tool for brainstorming.

The premise is simple. Everybody participates on his or her computer. The leader enters a word, and everyone else enters topics related to that word. Whenever you get the same word as somebody else, you get a point.

Snap! is a quick game with three aims:

  • Energize participants and activate people's brainpower
  • Create a sense of shared identity among participants of the same sector
  • Learn from participants about what concepts they associate with the topic

For the rules of Snap! on paper, please see the lecture notes introducing the game.

— Tej Chajed, Team Snap!


Student Insights

In this video, Tej Chajed describes various aspects of his experience as part of Team Snap!.

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Final Presentation

The Snap! team's final presentation can be seen in the following video.

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