FindingFive: An Online, Non-Profit Platform for Behavioral Research

Taught by: Ting Qian and Noah Nelson, FindingFive (April 28, 2023)

Video: FindingFive: An Online, Non-Profit Platform for Behavioral Research

Description: Tutorial on FindingFive

FindingFive is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting behavioral scientists’ web-based research by making it easy and cost-effective to implement experiments and collect data. With FindingFive, researchers can easily implement web-based experiments, recruit participants (from both a public pool or Bring Your Own Participants!), give cash rewards or course credit for completed studies, and export data for analysis, all in a single vertically integrated ecosystem that supports collaboration.

As a nonprofit, our mission at FindingFive is to build the technological infrastructure that allows researchers to focus on the science, as opposed to the tedious challenges such as programming an online study, securing participant data, and staying compliant with ever-shifting privacy laws and regulations. In contrast to market-oriented survey tools, FindingFive caters to the specific needs of behavioral scientists, allowing researchers to create experiments by describing experimental designs instead of programming logic, with built-in support for common paradigms such as 2AFC, priming, self-paced reading, and language production tasks. Compared to loosely organized academic projects, FindingFive is a sustained effort that continuously develops and maintains the platform, so that research expertise can accumulate and grow among lab members of current and future cohorts.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the ongoing efforts and challenges in our nonprofit’s mission, and demonstrate how the current version of our platform has already enabled many researchers to collect data online and manage online research projects for entire labs.

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