Using Lookit to Run Developmental Studies Online

Taught by: Maddie Pelz, MIT (September 3, 2020)

Video: Using Lookit to Run Developmental Studies Online


Lookit is an online platform for designing and running asynchronous developmental studies. This technology allows for more diverse and representative populations to participate in developmental studies than would typically be able to engage in the research process (e.g. participation at a children’s museum requires a ticket purchase, and coming to the lab space to participate during the workweek often limits single-parent families or those where both parents are working). Along with this benefit, the limitations of COVID-19 have also put more pressure on labs to move their research online. 

During this tutorial, we will discuss why researchers might be interested in Lookit and what types of capabilities it has, as well as go through a demo on how studies are structured and how to get started with designing a study to fit your needs. Those who are not working in development but are collecting other behavioral research online can also learn more about how to make online studies engaging and intuitive in order to get the best quality data possible. 

The demo will be done through a shared screen, but you can also make a researcher account at if you’d like to work on your own computer or continue to develop a study after the tutorial.

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