RES.LL-004 | Spring 2022 | Non-Credit

LL EduCATE: Introduction to Engineering Concepts

Filtration Lab | Step 6: Reflect

Finally, take some time to write down answers for the following questions. Even if you are not in a classroom, this is an important step. Just like Understanding, Designing, Building, and Evaluating, the act of Reflection is critical for an engineer. It prevents us from making the same mistakes twice, and allows us to build on our successes.

Reflection 1

What “grade of clarity” did you achieve?

Reflection 2

What aspect of your design do you think worked best? Why?

Reflection 3

What aspect of your design would you have revised, if given more time? Why?

Reflection 4

What was unique about the design of the filtration system in your class that had the best results on this challenge? How did it work compared to yours? What, if anything, would you have done differently if you had seen this design prior to developing your own?

Reflection 5

Did you decide to revise your original design while in the construction phase? Why? How?

Reflection 6

Do you think that engineers have to adapt their original plans during the construction of systems or products? Why might they?

Reflection 7

Do you think your filter would have been able to withstand water running through it for an hour? Why?

Reflection 8

Do you think you would have been able to complete this project easier if you were working alone? Explain…

Reflection 9

If you could have used a material or materials that were not provided to you, what would you have requested? Why do you think this material might have helped with the challenge?

Reflection 10

What was your favorite part of the challenge? Understanding Phase? Design Phase? Building Phase? Testing Phase? Reflection Phase? Why?

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