RES.LL-004 | Spring 2022 | Non-Credit

LL EduCATE: Introduction to Engineering Concepts

Bluetooth Hide & Seek | Step 3: Experiment

Let’s figure out how to use the ornaments.   

Left, table decorated with festive elements. One lit ornament is hanging on a garland, another is sitting in a bowl, and a third is being held in a hand. Right, same scene, except the hand has moved and the ornament is now a different color.

There are three buttons on the ornament:    

  • Middle: On/off 
  • Left: LED color selection for when the ornament is to be hidden 
  • Right: Makes the ornament the “seeker” to find any hidden ornaments.

Select one or more ornaments, choose a different color for each, and hide them at least a foot or two away from each other, but the farther the better! Then, move the seeker around the space. What do you notice? You’ll see the color change as well as the number of pixels (LEDs) that light up indicating the nearest ornament.  

In case you have more than one present hunter who wants to play, you can have multiple seekers just by flipping the ornament switches to the right. If playing with a team, you can each pick a different LED color. 

But what happens when there are multiple hidden ornaments using the same color?

Great work! Let’s try out your programmed hide and seek Bluetooth board. 

Experiment Questions

  1. What color is the seeker?
  2. How far away from the hidden ornament(s) does the seeker ornament work?
  3. What does the speed of the LEDS activating tell you?
  4. When do 100% of the LEDS light up?

Experiment Question Answers

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