RES.LL-004 | Spring 2022 | Non-Credit

LL EduCATE: Introduction to Engineering Concepts

Test Your Knowledge on Filtration Answers

  1. What is the purpose of filtration?
    Filtration is used to eliminate unwanted materials from a medium or substance.
  2. Where do you use filtration in everyday life?
    Filtration is used in items such as air conditioners, coffee machines, HEPA air filters, Brita water filters, city water supply systems, etc.
  3. What types of things would you want to filter out and why?
    Items to filter out could include: sand, germs/viruses, water pollution, dust mites, coffee grinds, pollen, etc. Some reasons why are to eliminate contaminants, improve the environment, create a new medium (i.e., coffee), or prevent illness.
  4. What types of filtering materials can you think of?
    Some used most often include coffee filters, screens, sand/soil, charcoal, paper towels, cheese cloth, etc. In biology, cells have membranes for filtering, including the ones that make up your skin.
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