Project 3

Sequence of Steps and Classes

Class 8

Situational map (Clarke 2005) of selection of readings from bibliography provided by instructors

Focal Reading

Clarke, Adele E. “Doing Situational Maps and Analysis.” Situational Analysis: Grounded Theory After the Postmodern Turn. SAGE Publications, Inc., 2005. ISBN:9780761930563

Prompt for Journal Entry (between class 8 and 9)

Compare and contrast your situational map and the others.

Class 9

Focal Reading

Jesser, Nancy. “ Blood, Genes and Gender in Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Dawn .” Extrapolation 43, no. 1 (2002).

Prompt for Journal Entry (between class 9 and 10)

How does the focal reading connect with your (or depart from) your own work and how does it stimulate your own thinking and questioning?

Class 10

Presentation of a class for this imagined course, a semester-long course project, or a toolbox of methods.

Focal Reading

Taylor, Peter J. “ Infrastructure and Scaffolding: Interpretation and Change of Research Involving Human Genetic Information .” Science as Culture 18, no. 4 (2009): 435–459. 

If you have read that already, watch  a video of the practice run of a talk to philosophers and biologists:

Taylor@ISHPSSB15. “ His nature, her nurture—or what good are conceptual critiques for tackling practical concerns about the development of gendered individuals? ” YouTube. June 11, 2015. 

Prompt for Journal Entry (between class 10 and 11)

Digest comments on presentation.

Looking Ahead

Between class 10 and 11: Comment on the written contribution of another student

Class 12: Resubmit your contribution, revised in response to comments from an instructor and a peer.

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