Project 4

Plans for Practice

Classes 11-13

A project in which you develop a personal plan to foster the development of others in their learning on some of the issues raised in this course, and practice some of what you plain. 

This project is an opportunity for you to build on the first three projects and develop your own PBL projects for teaching, prepare grant proposals for further inquiry or activist engagement, or construct syllabi around topics in feminist and critical studies of science and technology. In class sessions, you will have 45–60 minutes to practice some part of a plan for practice with the class as your audience, pretend-students, subjects, jury (for a grant proposal) or critical friends.

Your written product, the plan for practice proper, should have two levels: 1. A plan for your own ongoing learning so as to be able to trouble the boundaries of knowledge production in the academy and sciences. More specifically, so as to be able to interpret sciences in contexts, drawing on and adding to the contributions of feminist, anti-racist, and other critical analysts and activists; 2. Building on the first, personal level, what is your plan for practice to develop your ability to foster the development of others in this same vein.

A photo of a laptop, a pair of glasses, and an open notebook with a pen resting on it.

(Image by Trent Erwin on Unsplash.)