3.051J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Materials for Biomedical Applications

Lecture Notes

Several lectures are given by the course TA Dr. Ikuo Taniguchi.

1 Course Introduction (PDF)

Biomaterials Defined

Structural Hierarchy in Materials and Biology

2 Biomaterials Surfaces: Physics (PDF)

Surface (vs. Bulk) Structure and Properties

Surface Energy

Adsorption, Segregation, and Reconstruction at Surfaces

3 Biomaterials Surfaces: Chemistry (PDF)

Reactions at Surfaces: Chemisorption, Corrosion

4 Biomaterials Surfaces: Chemistry (cont.) (PDF)

Hydrolysis (Dr. Taniguchi) (PDF - 1.3 MB)

5 Protein-Surface Interactions (PDF)

Proteins: Structure, Properties, Functions

Protein Adsorption: Langmuir Model

6 Protein-Surface Interactions (cont.) (PDF)

Protein Adbsorption: Complex Phenomena, Measurement

7 Cell-Surface Interactions: Host Response to Biomaterials (PDF - 1.3 MB)

Cell Adhesion Mechanisms

Coagulation Cascade

8 Cell-Surface Interactions: Host Response to Biomaterials (cont.) (PDF)

Immune Response: Alternative Complement Activation

9 Surface Modification Methods (PDF)


Plasma Treatments

Organic Coatings (Dr. Taniguchi) (PDF)

10 Surface Modification Methods (cont.) (PDF)

Polymer Coatings

Patterned Surfaces

11 Surface Characterization (PDF)


12 Surface Characterization In situ (PDF)

Contact Angle, AFM

13 Quantifying Cell Behavior (PDF)

Cell Cultures

Cellular Assays: Adhesion, Migration, Proliferation

14 Quantifying Cell Behavior (cont.) (PDF)

Cellular Assays: Differentiation, Function

15 Statistical Analysis (PDF)

Error Sources, Distribution Functions, t- test

16 Statistical Analysis (cont.) (PDF)

Fisher Test, Regression Methods

17 Biosensors and Diagnostic Devices (PDF)

Biological Elements

Transduction Mechanisms


Examples: Fiber Optic Biosensors, Nanobarcodes

18 Drug Delivery: Controlled Release (Dr. Taniguchi) (PDF)

Chemically-controlled Devices

19 Drug Delivery: Controlled Release (cont.) (PDF)

Diffusion-controlled, Membrane-based and Osmotic Devices

20 Drug Delivery: Controlled Release (cont.) (PDF)

Methods: Transdermal, Colloidal Vehicles

Mechanical Pumps

21 Biomaterials for Organ Replacement (PDF)

Organ Replacement Therapies

Mechanical Properties

Bone Substitutes

22 Tissue Engineering (PDF)

Cell Types

Approaches: In vitro, In vivo, Ex vivo/Cell Encapsulation

Scaffolds: Design and Fabrication

23 Tissue Engineering (cont.) (PDF)

Case Examples: Artificial Pancreas, Cartilage, Nerve Regeneration

24 FDA Regulatory Issues and Course Evaluations (PDF)

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