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Theory of City Form


Listed in the table below are recommended readings for the lectures.

Background readings (PDF) for each lecture are also available to provide a broader context, as well as a general bibliography (PDF) with additional references.

1 Introduction

Lynch, Kevin. “The Nature of City Form.” (draft)

Buy at MIT Press ———. “Is a General Normative Theory Possible?” Chapter 5 in Good City Form. MIT Press, 1984, pp. 111–20. ISBN: 9780262620468. [Preview with Google Books]

Section One: The Nature of City Form Theory
2 Normative Theory I: The City as Supernatural

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3 Normative Theory II: The City as Machine

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4 Normative Theory III: The City as Organism

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5 Descriptive and Functional Theory

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6 Dimensions, Patterns, Agreements, Structure, and Syntax

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Section Two: The Form of the Modern City
7 The Early Cities of Capitalism

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8 Transformations I: London

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9 Transformations II: Paris

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10 Transformations III: Vienna and Barcelona

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11 Transformations IV: Chicago

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12 Transformations V: Panopticism, St. Petersburg and Berlin

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13 Utopianism as Social Reform and Built Form

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14 20th Century Realizations: Russian and Great Britain

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Section Three: Current Theory and Practice
15 City Form and Process

Buy at MIT Press Lynch, K. “What is the Form of a City, and How Is It Made?” Chapter 2 in A Theory of Good City Form. MIT Press, 1984. ISBN: 9780262620468. [Preview with Google Books]

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16 Spatial & Social Structure I: Theory

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17 Spatial & Social Structure II: Bipolarity

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18 Spatial & Social Structure III: Colony and Post-colony

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19 Form Models I: Modern and Post-modern Urbanism

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20 Form Models II: Open-endedness and Prophecy

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21 Form Models III and IV: Rationality and Memory

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22 Cases I: Public and Private Domains

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23 Cases II: Suburbs and Periphery

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24 Cases III: Post-urbanism and Resource Conservation

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25 Cases IV: Hyper and Mega-urbanism

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26 Conclusion: Towards a Theory of City Form No required readings

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