6.033 | Spring 2018 | Undergraduate
Computer System Engineering
Week 1: Operating Systems Part I

Critique Assignment 1

Overview of Critique Assignments

In 6.033 you’ll complete a series of three critiques, designed to build analytical and communication skills. The first critique requires you to understand and assess a distributed system based on an analytical framework presented in the critique worksheet (PDF).

In the second critique (of a different system), you’ll use your answers to a similar worksheet to write a 2–3 page critique of the system. The third critique will take the form of a peer review of another team’s Design Project Report. You’ll receive instruction about each of these critiques as the semester progresses.

This Critique

For this first critique, you should evaluate and assess Domain Name System (DNS) using the critique worksheet (PDF). This worksheet walks you through the process of analyzing the system described lecture and in the textbook.

We are intentionally releasing this assignment before you have learned about DNS; that’s because we wanted you to have the worksheet available as you did the reading (if you’ve done the reading without the worksheet, no problem! The worksheet should go quickly).

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