6.033 | Spring 2018 | Undergraduate

Computer System Engineering

Week 4: Operating Systems Part IV

Lecture 6: Operating Systems Structure + Virtual Machines

Lecture 6 Outline

  1. Virtual Machines
  2. Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) Implementation
  3. Virtualizing Memory
  4. Virtualizing U/K Bit
  5. Monolithic Kernels
  6. Microkernels: Alternative to Monolithic Kernels
  7. Summary

Lecture Slides


  • Book section 5.8

Recitation 6: Eraser

Lecture 7: Performance

Lecture 7 Outline

  1. Previously
  2. What’s Left? Performance
  3. Technique 1: Buy New Hardware
  4. General Approach
  5. Measurement
  6. How to Relax the Bottleneck
  7. Disk Throughput
  8. Caching
  9. Concurrency/Scheduling
  10. Parallelism
  11. Summary
  12. Useful Numbers for Your Day-to-Day Lives

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Recitation 7: MapReduce

Hands-on Assignment 3: MapReduce

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Tutorial 4: Writing the Critiques & Introduction to Collaboration

As you know, in 6.033 you’ll complete a series of three critiques, designed to build analytical and communication skills. The first critique required you to understand and assess a distributed system based on an analytical framework presented in the critique worksheet. In this critique, you’ll use your answers to a similar worksheet to write a 2–3 page critique of the system. The third critique will take the form of a peer review of another team’s Design Project Report. You’ll receive instruction about each of these critiques as the semester progresses.

System Critique Assignment 2: MapReduce

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