6.033 | Spring 2018 | Undergraduate

Computer System Engineering

Week 10: Distributed Systems Part III

Lecture 18: Distributed Transactions

Lecture 18 Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Setup + The Problem
  3. Dealing with the Network
  4. Basic Two-phase Commit (2PC)
  5. Worker/Network Failures Prior to the Commit Point
  6. Worker/Network Failures After the Commit Point
  7. Coordinator Failures
  8. Performance Issues
  9. 2PC Summary
  10. A Remaining Problem

Lecture Slides


  • Book section 9.6

Hands-on Assignment 7: Databases

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Recitation 18: Consistency Guarantees

Tutorial 10: Analysis and Evaluation

This recitation will discuss analysis and evaluation. You will also begin working on your final report.  Unlike the proposal document, the report should contain enough detail that it could feasibly be turned over to Facilities for implementation. It should also contain an evaluation of your design. See the Design Project section for more details.

Design Project Final Report Assignment

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