Week 3: Operating Systems Part III

Lecture 4: Bounded Buffers + Locks

Lecture 4 Outline

  1. Previously
  2. Bounded Buffers
  3. Bounded Buffers for Single Senders
  4. Bounded Buffer for Multiple Senders
  5. Locks
  6. Bounded Buffers with Locks
  7. Atomic Actions
  8. Example: Locks for File Systems
  9. Implementing Locks

Lecture Slides


  • Book section 5.2

Lecture 5: Threads

Lecture 5 Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Threads
  3. yield()
  4. Condition Variables
  5. Preemption
  6. Reflection/Summary

Lecture Slides


  • Book sections 5.5 and 5.6

Recitation 5: UNIX

Tutorial 3: Design Project Discussion

Read the Design Project Overview (PDF), Design Project FAQ (PDF), and Design Project Errata (PDF).

The primary assignment in 6.033 is the design project. This project is where the students get to design their own system, which is the primary objective of this course. See the Design Project section for detailed information.

Design Project Preliminary Report (DPPR) Assignment