MAS.962 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Special Topics: New Textiles


Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week: 3 hours for 1st session, 1 hour for 2nd session

The longer session each week will tend to focus on in-class activities requiring more time, while the shorter session will tend to feature guest lecturers.


While useful, prior experience with textiles, electronics, and programming is not required.


Kadolph, S. J., and A. L. Langford. Textiles. 10th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2007. ISBN: 9780131187696.


Weekly assignments 60%
Final project 30%
Class participation 10%

Summary Calendar

1 Introduction  
2 Conductive textiles Assignment 1 (soft circuit) start
3 Textile sensors  
4 Fabric PCBs, part 1

Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2 (fabric PCB part 1) start

5 Guest lecture by Marcelo Coelho, MIT Media Lab  
6 Fabric PCBs, part 2

Assignment 2 due

Assignment 3 (fabric PCB part 2) start

7 Guest lecture by Prof. Yoel Fink, MIT Materials Science and Engineering  
8 Fibers and yarns

Assignment 3 due

Assignment 4 (yarn) start

9 Guest lecture by Greg Rutledge, MIT Chemical Engineering  
10 Spinning workshop  
11 Nonwovens

Assignment 4 due

Assignment 5 (nonwoven) start

12 Wearable computing, part 1 (joint class with 21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology)

Assignment 5 due

Assignment 6 (networked wearable) start

13 Guest lecture by Tricia Wilson Nguyen  
14 Wearable computing, part 2 (joint class with 21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology) Assignment 7 (final project proposal) start
15 Guest lecture by Despina Papadopoulos, Studio 5050, NYU  
16 Wearable computing assignment presentations, with 21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology Assignment 6 due
17 Embroidery and printing  
18 Guest lecture by Rehmi Post and Kit Waal, MIT  
19 Final project proposal presentations

Assignment 7 due

20 Guest lecture by Becky Stern, MAKE and CRAFT  
21 Knitting and weaving Assignment 8 (knit, woven, embroidery or print) start
22 Guest lecture by Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT  
23 Field trip to the RISD Textile department  
24 Knit, woven, embroidery presentations Assignment 8 due

Pattern design

Guest lecture by Sheila Kennedy

26 Visit from Kelly Dobson’s “Textile Futures” class @ RISD  
27 Final project presentations Assignment 9 Final project due

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