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Assignment 6: Networked Wearable

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For this assignment you will work in teams, in collaboration with the 21W.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology class, to build a textile that talks to a mobile phone. With your team you should create a webpage that documents your project. Your page should include pictures and a discussion of your experience. Also create a short video of your project in action; post the video online (Vimeo, YouTube, or your own site) and include a link to your video in your documentation page.

Assignment Resources


Arduino Web site

LilyPad Arduino Web site

Limor Fried’s excellent Arduino tutorial

Buy a LilyPad Arduino

Buy an Arduino mini

Buy a Bluetooth module

Arduino pin mapping

Amarino: A Tool That Connects Arduino and Android

Amarino Web site - you will probably want to begin with the Getting Started page.

Make a Textile Arduino

An example textile Arduino circuit.

Here’s a diagram that shows how the ATMega168 pins are mapped to Arduino pins:

Mapping ATMega168 pins to Arduino pins. (Courtesy of Used with permission.)

Circuit drawing in Adobe Illustrator format (AI)

Code for ATmega168 microcontroller (arduinoBootloader)





0.1uF capacitor

Jumper wire for TX (yellow in the above circuit drawing)


1K ohm resistor

Sample Student Work

Sample work is presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Wrist-based Way-Finding

Hello USA Neworked Wearable

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