Lecture Notes

This section provides a complete set of lecture notes for the course. Most of the lectures also include an annotated lecture file. The annotated lecture files include comments that the professor uses to demonstrate how the material progresses.

Ses # Topics Lecture Notes Annotated Lecture Notes
L1 Overview of 6.012 ( PDF)  
L2 Introduction to Semiconductors: Electrons and Holes, Donors and Acceptors ( PDF) ( PDF)
L3 Carrier Transport: Drift and Diffusion ( PDF) ( PDF)
L4 Electrostatics in Semiconductors

The “60 mV Rule”

( PDF) ( PDF)
L5 p-n Junction Electrostatics in Thermal Equilibrium ( PDF) ( PDF)
L6 p-n Junction Electrostatics under Bias, Depletion Capacitance ( PDF) ( PDF)
L7 MOS Electrostatics at 0 V ( PDF) ( PDF)
L8 MOS Electrostatics under Bias, MOS Capacitance ( PDF) ( PDF)
L9 MOSFET: I-V Characteristics (Qualitative, Linear) ( PDF) ( PDF)
L10 MOSFET: I-V Characteristics (Saturation, Back Bias) ( PDF) ( PDF)
L11 MOSFET Equivalent Circuit Models ( PDF) ( PDF)
Digital Circuits
L12 Logic Concepts

Inverter Characteristics

NMOS Inverter

( PDF) ( PDF)
L13 CMOS Inverter

Transfer Characteristics

( PDF) ( PDF)
L14 CMOS Inverter (cont.)


CMOS Scaling, VLSI

( PDF) ( PDF)
Bipolar Transistor
L15 p-n Junction Diode I-V Characteristics ( PDF) ( PDF)
L16 p-n Junction Equivalent Circuit Models, Charge Storage, Diffusion Capacitance ( PDF) ( PDF)
L17 BJT Electrostatics, Forward Active Regime ( PDF) ( PDF)
L18 Other Regimes of Operation of BJT

Equivalent Circuit Models

( PDF) ( PDF)
Analog Circuits
L19 Single-stage Amplifiers

Common-source Amplifier Stage

( PDF) ( PDF)
L20 Other MOSFET Amplifier Stages ( PDF) ( PDF)
L21 Multistage Amplifiers ( PDF) ( PDF)
L22 Current Sources and Sinks ( PDF) ( PDF)
L23 Frequency Response of Common-source Amplifier ( PDF) ( PDF)
L24 Miller Effect, Open-circuit Time Constant Technique ( PDF)  
L25 Frequency Response of other Amplifier Stages ( PDF) ( PDF)
L26 6.012 Wrap-up: Key Conclusions ( PDF) ( PDF)

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