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Classical Mechanics


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LESSON # Lesson Titles PROBLEM SETS related worked examples
0 Vectors None None
Week 1: Kinematics
1 1D Kinematics - Position and Velocity Problem Set 1 (PDF)

Derivatives in Kinematics

Acceleration from Position

Shooting the Apple

Braking Car

Sketch the Motion

Pedestrian and Bike at Intersection

2 1D Kinematics - Acceleration
3 2D Kinematics - Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
Week 2: Newton’s Laws
4 Newton’s Laws of Motion Problem Set 2 (PDF)

Gravity Superposition

Sliding Block

Pushing Stacked Blocks

Window Washer Problem

5 Gravity
6 Contact Forces
7 Tension and Springs
Deep Dive 1 Friction
Week 3: Circular Motion
8 Circular Motion - Position and Velocity Problem Set 3 (PDF)

Angular Position from Angular Acceleration

Car on a Banked Turn

Orbital Circular Motion

9 Uniform Circular Motion
10 Circular Motion - Acceleration
11 Newton’s 2nd Law and Circular Motion
Week 4: Drag Forces, Constraints and Continuous Systems
12 Pulleys and Constraints Problem Set 4 (PDF)  2 Blocks and 2 Pulleys
13 Massive Rope
14 Resistive Forces
Week 5: Momentum and Impulse
15 Momentum and Impulse Problem Set 5 (PDF)

Bouncing Ball

Center of Mass of 3 Objects

Center of Mass of a Uniform Rod

16 Conservation of Momentum
17 Center of Mass and Motion of the Center of Mass
Week 6: Continuous Mass Transfer
18 Relative Velocity and Recoil Problem Set 6 (PDF)

Rocket Sled Problem

Snowplow Problem

19 Continuous Mass Transfer
Week 7: Kinetic Energy and Work
20 Kinetic Energy and Work in 1D Problem Set 7 (PDF)

Block Going Down a Ramp

Collision and Sliding on a Rough Surface

21 Kinetic Energy and Work in 2D and 3D
22 Conservative and Non-conservative Forces
Week 8: Potential Energy and Energy Conservation
23 Potential Energy Problem Set 8 (PDF)

Block Sliding Down Circular Slope

24 Conservation of Energy
25 Potential Energy Diagrams
Week 9: Collision Theory
26 Types of Collision Problem Set 9 (PDF)

Elastic 1D Collision

Elastic 1D Collision Again

Gravitational Slingshot

1D Elastic Collision in CM

27 Elastic Collisions
Deep Dive 2 Center of Mass Reference Frame
Week 10: Rotational Motion
28 Motion of a Rigid Body Problem Set 10 (PDF)

Find the Moment of Inertia of a Disc from a Falling Mass

Atwood Machine

Two Blocks and a Pulley Using Energy

Blocks and Massive Pulley

29 Moment of Inertia
30 Torque
31 Rotational Dynamics
Week 11: Angular Momentum
32 Angular Momentum of a Point Particle Problem Set 11 (PDF)

Angular Momentum About Different Points

Angular Momentum of 2 Rotating Point Particles

Particle Hits Pivoted Ring

33 Angular Momentum of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Axis
34 Torque and Angular Impulse
Week 12: Rotations and Translation - Rolling
35 Rolling Kinematics Problem Set 12 (PDF)

Wheel Rolling Without Slipping Down Inclined Plane - Torque Method

Yoyo Pulled Along the Ground

Wheel Rolling Without Slipping Down Inclined Plane

36 Rolling Dynamics
37 Rolling Kinetic Energy and Angular Momentum
Deep Dive 3 Gyroscopes

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