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Introduction to Psychology
Psychopathology II

Removed Clips for Video Lecture 21: Psychopathology II

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Removed Clip 1: Woman with OCD

This video is from jenmayhem via YouTube, and is not covered under our Creative Commons license.

Removed Clip 2: Depression on “20/20”

Two clips from Depression: Beyond the Darkness. Narrated by Hugh Downs. ABC-TV, episode of 20/20, airdate August 31, 1990. VHS. MPI Home Video, 1990. [Find in a library through WorldCat]

Removed Clip 3: Child with ADHD

Excerpt (5:00 to 11:30) from “Behavioral Disorders of Childhood.” Episode 11 in The World of Abnormal Psychology. Produced by Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc., and Toby Levine Communications, 1992. [Scroll down to Episode 11 and click on the “VoD” box]

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