Week 1: Operating Systems Part I

Recitation 1: Worse is Better

Lecture 1: Coping with Complexity: Enforced Modularity via Client/server Organization

Lecture 1 Outline

  1. Introduction to Systems
  2. Why is Complexity Bad?
  3. Mitigating Complexity
  4. Enforced Modularity
  5. Other Goals

Lecture Slides


  • Book sections 1.1-1.5 and 4.1-4.3

Recitation 2: We Did Nothing Wrong

Tutorial 1: Introduction to 6.033 Communication

Most of these tutorials will teach the communication theory and practices of this course, and assist you in preparing for the assignments. You'll become fluent in a variety of communication genres, develop strategies and skills needed to present technical concepts to different audiences, learn how to use writing to develop and deepen your technical understanding—and get specific, directed instruction on writing and presenting your 6.033 assignments. A handful of the tutorials will be dedicated to discussing the design project.

System Critique Assignment 1: Evaluate and Assess a Domain Name System (DNS)