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Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

Instructor Insights

Learning From Challenges

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In this section, Dr. Rebusco discusses what she learned from teaching this class, and what changes she might make to future versions of the course.

Time Management/Students’ Energy Levels

"So it really depended on me, on my energy level to keep them focused and not only enthusiastic, but really concentrate on what we were doing."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco explains the difficulties she faced in fitting activities into the class period and how she kept students’ energy levels up.

Teaching Italian Grammar

"So I am used to thinking of the language in terms of the different components. And I notice that maybe that’s not so common among the students here."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco discusses the challenges of teaching the basics of Italian grammar to American and international students.

Future Versions of the Course

"So I think that maybe based on the next generation of students that will take the class, I may decide to change one dish or introduce a different topic."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco explores the changes she might make to future versions of the course.

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