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Lesson 11

Lesson 11: Language Instruction

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Lesson Numero Undici/Lesson Number 11

Watch a video:

Making a Reservation

La scorsa settimana/last week, (you can also say la settimana passata), while our cantucci were baking and bis-baking ;-), we learned how to make a reservation at a restaurant.

Practice reading ad alta voce! Can you understand everything? The vocabulary below may help.

Ristorante: Pronto! Ristorante Da Nonna Pia. Buonasera!

Tu: Buonasera! Vorrei prenotare un tavolo per domani sera.

R: Benissimo, a/per che ora?

T: Alle otto e mezza. Vorremmo sederci fuori.

R: Quanti siete?

T: Quindici.

R: Non c’è posto per quindici fuori, mi dispiace. Può andare bene dentro, vicino alla finestra?

T: Va bene. C’è una bella vista?

R: Sì.

T: Allora va bene.

R: A che nome?

T: Veneziani.

R: Bene, grazie. A domani!

T: Arrivederci

The day after, when you arrive, puoi (you can) say:

Ho una prenotazione per quindici a nome Veneziani.

Vocabulary and Grammar

Pronto = ready This is what we usually say when we pick up the phone/il telefono.

Vorrei = (I) would like to … (present conditional, 1st pers. sing. of the irregular verb volere)

Prenotare = to reserve

Tavolo = table

A/per che ora = at/for what time

Otto e mezza = _eight and a half _ You can also say alle venti e trenta (20:30), but since you already asked for a table for the evening, otto e mezza will be clear enough.

Vorremmo = (we) would like to (present conditional, 1st pers. plur. of the irr. verb volere)

Sederci = sedere+ ci (us) = sit ourselves, meaning sit

Fuori = outside

Dentro = inside

Posto = place, locality. In this context, it means seat.

Mi dispiace = dispiace a me = It displeases me →I am sorry.

Può = can (3rd pers. sing. indicative pres. of the irr verb potere)

Vicino alla finestra = close to the window (alla=a+la)

Vista = view, it also means eyesight

Allora = then

A domani = to tomorrow→ see you tomorrow


Lesson 11 Exercises (PDF)


  • Solve the exercises listed above.
  • Write a couple of lines (in English, if you want ;)) about what you liked and what you hated about the seminar, e.g. class structure, contents, style which homework was useful, what was useless, if you could have removed a dish from our menu, what would it be? Any feedback is appreciated! Grazie!

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