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Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Language Instruction

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Lezione Numero Otto/Lesson Number Eight

Watch a video:

Lesson 8, Part 1: Opening Lecture

Introduction: La Dieta Mediterranea/The Mediterranean Diet

We had un’ospite speciale/a special guest: Anna Jasonides R. D., L. D., nutritionist from MIT medical. She made a great presentation about la dieta mediterranea: what it is, what are its benefits, and examples from the Greek cuisine.

The noun ospite can be used for a masculine or feminine guest, but you would use a different (indeterminative) article. Una ospite -> un’ospite (f) vs un ospite (m, without apostrophe).

Mediterranean Diet Lecture Slides (PDF - 2.1MB) (Courtesy of Anna Jasonides. Used with permission.)


  1. Prepare patate or finocchi al latte or involtini di pollo.
  2. Do the review exercises listed below.

Esercizi/Exercises (Review)

(There is a small error in the text: Italians would say “Ha sempre fretta” not “Sempre ha fretta”.)

  • After you solve the crossword ascolta e ripeti./Listen and repeat. Espressioni con avere

Espresioni Con Avere (MP3 - 3.2MB)

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