1.74 | Fall 2020 | Graduate

Land, Water, Food, and Climate


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Lectures: 1 session / week, 3 hours / session


There are no prerequisites for this class.


This is a reading and discussion seminar that includes lecture material. The readings are intended to provide a good basis for an informed discussion of the key topics included in the course title. The class readings change somewhat from year to year to reflect new publications and new issues. Please come prepared so we can start off with a lively discussion.


Class # topics
Section 1: Framing the Discussion
1 The Food Security Debate
Section 2: Food and Natural Resources: Demand and Supply, Current and Projected
2 Demand for Food: Population, Diet, and Food Loss
3 Resources for Food Production: Water
4 Resources for Food Production: Land and Nutrients
Section 3: Reconciling Demand and Supply: Context
5 Crop Yield
6 Environmental Impacts of Agriculture: Protecting Natural Resources
7 Smallholder Farming: Focus on Africa
8 Climate Change and Agriculture
9 New Technologies and Practices: Genetic Engineering, Precision Agriculture
10 Trade and Optimal Resource Allocation
Section 4: Reconciling Demand and Supply: Options
11 Green Revolutions Past and Future
12 Agroecology


activities percentages
Presentations & Participation 70%
Research Paper 30%

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