18.03SC | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate
Differential Equations

Meet the TAs

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Lydia Bourouiba
Hi, my name is Lydia and I am one of your instructors for the 18.03 class in Differential Equations. The concepts covered in this class are fundamental for your future studies in science and engineering. However, in addition to fundamental tools and techniques, this class will introduce you to mathematical modeling and concepts from dynamical systems that illustrate how mathematics can be used to describe many real world problems. And it’s fun, so enjoy the class!

Lydia Bourouiba is a Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at MIT. Her research interests combine physical applied mathematics, fluid dynamics and mathematical biology. Dr. Bourouiba obtained her Ph.D. in theoretical and numerical turbulence in 2008 from McGill University. Before coming to MIT, she worked at the Centre for Disease Modelling in Toronto. She has received numerous fellowships and awards for her research, and she has been an instructor and course director for several applied math courses. As the first in her family to pursue higher education and having grown up in Africa, Dr. Bourouiba feels strongly about the importance of open access to education.

David Shirokoff
Hi, I’m Dave and welcome to 18.03. This course is a great backbone math class for any engineering or science student. For instance, many of the concepts covered in this class will reappear in upper year courses and provide a stepping stone towards understanding “how things work”. I hope you enjoy the problems in the videos, and that they help provide further insight into the material!

David Shirokoff grew up in Welland (ON) Canada and completed his undergrad at the University of Toronto. He recently finished his Ph.D. at MIT in applied math under the supervision of Ruben Rosales. His research interests are in applied differential equations, dynamical systems and numerical methods.

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