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Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full

Instructor Insights

Teaching Italian and Cooking Together

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In this section, Dr. Rebusco discusses her insights about learning to teach a foreign language, and the ways in which cooking reinforced language learning.

Structure of a Typical Class

"I was really trying to melt the grammar part with the cooking part."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco discusses the weekly class structure and how she fit both language and cooking instruction in a two hour time period.

Selecting the Correct Language Level

"I was choosing vocabulary that every Italian would use in the kitchen daily and outside the kitchen in personal interactions."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco explains how she chose the correct level of Italian to teach her students to ensure it was useful and attainable.

Language Immersion

"I think that the students still needed to have the safety net of their own language."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco explains why she chose to use partial language immersion in her course.

Using Cooking to Teach Italian

"When you do something in practice, it really helps to solidify your theoretical knowledge."
— Dr. Rebusco

Dr. Rebusco discusses the benefits of combining cooking instruction with language learning.

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