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Special Topics: New Textiles

Assignment 7: Final Project Proposal

Assignment 7: Little Black Dress 2.0

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By Xiao Xiao and Elena Jessop

Drawing of two people wearing the dress.

Reinventing the Little Black Dress.

Our final project is a reinvention of the iconic “little black dress.” We are creating one garment that can shape-shift into a variety of different dresses. Inset panels of sheer fabric will be printed with thermochromic ink, appearing opaque at room temperature when the dress is worn and blending into the rest of the black dress. When the ink is heated by a circuit, however, the panel will become transparent and thus change the apparent form of the garment.

This textile allows for flexibility of self-representation through personal style. With a push of a button, the wearer can decide how she wants to present herself at the moment. A lower neckline? An open back? A shorter hemline? All of the above? This garment can transform to be appropriate for different contexts and moods, while still remaining that classic “little black dress.”

Proposal presentation (PDF - 1.2MB)

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