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Arduino home page

How to make felt fabric

How to fuse plastic bags into fabric

Where to Get Stuff

Conductive Textiles

Less EMF – fabric, velcro, thread

Block EMF – fabric, velcro, thread

SparkFun – thread

Lame Lifesaver – thread

Fine Silver Products – thread, fabric

Tinsel Trading Company – vintage metal threads and fabric

Conductive Textiles, Companies/Wholesalers




Knitting Machine Yarn

Valley Alpaca Silk blend, 2/14

Cotton Clouds Aurora Earth Cotton, 8/2

Cambridge/Boston Craft Stores

Mind’s Eye Yarns – fiber, yarn, spinning and knitting equipment

Windsor Button – yarn, sewing notions & findings - cheap and T-accessible

AVR microcontrollers


AVR libc documentation

Miscellaneous Electronics

CR2032 coin cell batteries

Thin insulated resistance wire – recommended: 35 Gauge Nichrome 60 w/Heavy ML Enamel

Fiber Optic Filament

Surface Mount LEDs


“Regular” 5mm LEDs



Electronic Goldmine – miniature pager (vibrator) motors

HobbyPartz – tiny cheap servos

Bar code generator

Fiber burn chart

Wikipedia entry on textile measurements

Textile measurement converter

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