Assignment 4: Yarn

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For this assignment you will make a yarn that consists of two or more different materials. You should make at least 2 yards of yarn.

Create a page that documents your project. Your page should contain pictures, including one or more microscopic close-ups and one or more regular photos of the yarn. The USB microscope will be attached to the Mac computer in our lab. Write a paragraph or two that describes how your yarn was made and justifies your choice of materials.

Measure and report the following properties (if they are relevant for your yarn):

  • diameter (micrometers)
  • total length of yarn (meters or yards)
  • ply
  • fiber length (millimeters)
  • twist direction
  • twist (turns per inch)
  • conductivity (ohms per centimeter or ohms per inch)

Bonus points for measuring any of the following properties and explaining how you did so:

  • denier or tex
  • yarn size
  • tenacity
  • elongation
  • elastic recovery
  • absorbency

Sample Student Work

These samples are presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Conductive Spinning

Conductive Vine Yarn

Digital Quipu