16.01 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IV

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Systems Problems

The assignments linked in this section, or “Systems Problems”, are assigned in addition to the weekly problem set. Systems problems emphasize the interdependence between disciplines, while problem sets usually focus on specific topics within a discipline. Systems problems are usually more open-ended than problem sets, and may be design-related (e.g., a trade study) or lab-related (e.g., a lab report). Because different methods may be applied to complete a systems problem, different solutions are acceptable.

Style Guide for Submissions (PDF)

Guidelines for Writing Lab Reports (PDF)

16.01-16.02, Fall 2005

LEC # TOPICS Assignments
S/L1 Pitot Static Tube Measurements (PDF) Systems Problem 1a (PDF)

Systems Problem 1b (PDF)

S/L2 Trajectory Calculation (PDF) Systems Problem 2 (PDF)
S/L3 Water Rocket Problem Systems Problem 3 (PDF)
S/L4 Water Rocket Problem (cont.) Systems Problem 4 (PDF)
S/L5 Truss Lab Systems Problem 5 (PDF)
S/L6 Rover Project Report (PDF) Systems Problem 6 (PDF)

16.03-16.04, Spring 2006

LEC # TOPICS Assignments
S/L1 Flight Power Relations (PDF) Systems Problem 1 (PDF)
S/L2 Wind Tunnel Testing (3D Wings) (PDF 1) (PDF 2) Systems Problem 2 (PDF) (XLS)
S/L3 Motor Propeller Characterization (PDF) Systems Problem 3 (PDF)
S/L4 Design-Variable Concepts (PDF 1) (PDF 2) Systems Problem 4 (PDF)
S/L5 Graphical Priority Queue (PDF) Systems Problem 5 (PDF)
S/L6-S/L7 Wing Optimization (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3) (PDF 4) ( ZIP)(The ZIP file contains: re040k.pdf, re050k.pdf, re060k.pdf, re080k.pdf, re100k.pdf, re120k.pdf, ue07.pdf, ue08.pdf, ue09.pdf, ue10.pdf, ue11.pdf, ue12.pdf.) Systems Problem 6 (PDF)

Systems Problem 7 (PDF)

S/L8 Aircraft Design for Stability and Control (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3) (PDF 4) Systems Problem 8 (PDF)
S/L9 Construction (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3) (PDF 4) (PDF 5) Systems Problem 9 (PDF)
S/L10 Wing Structural Analysis and Bending Test (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF 3) Systems Problem 10 (PDF)
S/L11   Systems Problem 11 (PDF)
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