18.05 | Spring 2022 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Classes: Reading and In-class Materials

Note to OCW Users: The online reading questions below are available on MIT’s Open Learning Library, which is free to use. You have the option to enroll to track your progress, or you can view and use the materials without enrolling. The MITx/18.05r content mentioned in this course site are linked to the Open Learning Library.

For the assigned readings below students were expected to complete prior to attending class sessions. Students also completed online multiple choice or numerical answer questions based on each week’s readings. Students received instant feedback and could make multiple attempts.

Some of the classes use R code and R studios. You can find these materials from R: Information, Tutorials, and Sample Code page.

All Probability Readings in One (PDF)   

All Statistics Readings in One (PDF)     

Unit 1: Probability

Class 1      

Class 2

Studio 1

 Class 3 

 Class 4           

 Class 5         

 Class 6      

 Class 7       

Class 8

Unit 2: Statistics: Bayesian Inference      

 Class 10    

 Class 11           

 Class 12            

 Class 13        

 Class 14     

 Class 15          

 Class 16           

Unit 3 Statistics: Frequentist Inference: NHST       

 Class 17  

 Class 18            

 Class 19              

 Class 20            

Class 21

Unit 4 Statistics: Confidence Intervals; Regression       

Class 22

Class 23        

Class 24        

Class 26          

Class 27

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