8.592J | Spring 2011 | Graduate

Statistical Physics in Biology

Lecture Notes

DNA (Melting)

  1. Macroscopic properties of DNA; packaging into chromatin (eukaryotes)
  2. Pray, L. Discovery of DNA Structure and Function: Watson and Crick. Nature Education 1, no. 1 (2008).
    Microscopic structure of DNA; the four nucleotides; binding energies
  3. Denaturation, hybridization (similarity); renaturation (zippering)
  4. (UV absorption) Melting curves for medium and long chains; general features and theoretical issues
  5. The pair-stacking model; (Poland, D., and H. A. Scheraga. Theory of Helix-Coil Transitions in Biopolymers. Academic Press, 1970.)
  6. Theoretical analysis of homopolymer denaturation (presentation by David Mukamel at ITP)
  • Meltsim is a package to calculate melting temperature of specified DNA sequences.

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